selected works

Zone, and Zone Out, essay for Progressive Planning — on planners, policing, and silence.


Variable World: Bay Model Tour & Salon — co-curated with Chris Woebken and


Funambulist Podcast with Demilit — A Weaponized Urbanity: Morning Drift in Militarized Downtown Oakland


Walking Seminar: Land, Place, and Visuality — Puerto Rico, Summer Session 2013, BetaLocal


Talk — Military Abstractions: The Hidden Architecture of State Secrecy, University of Nevada, Reno, 2014


Happy Fifty Years, Gentrification! … Does Gentrification Gentrify without Gentrifiers?


Exhibition — (In)visible Sites, Timing is Everything, University Art Gallery, UC San Diego, October 3-December 6, 2013| w/ Demilit: (In)Visible Sites and public events



An Unsolicited charter for the Very Large Organization, an exhibition by Jordan Geiger, 2013.

Architecture’s Avatars, Fulcrum, Issue 69, Architectural Association, March 4, 2013.

Fulcrum 69

The Rise Of the DaristsPLAT Journal: On the Bias, Issue 2.5, Fall/Winter 2012, Rice School of Architecture. [For a PDF draft without images see Final submission 2012 | post]. (please support this publication by ordering the journal via their website)cover2.5


Recent collaborative works with Demilit:

Footprinting Secrecy, Volume, number 36, Summer 2013.


They Came To The Desert And Were Consumed By A Flickering Fortress, The State: Speculative Geographies, 2012.

Terra Incognita, The New City Reader: Puzzles, no. 03, Istanbul Design Biennial, 2012. | Biennial: Link | COMPLETE text: HTML | Original paper


Journey to the transnational narcopolitical cityDomusWeb, August 24, 2011.

“It’s in Your Nature: I’m Lost in Paris,” (On the work of Francois Roche and RSie), Territory: Architecture Beyond Environment, Volume 80, Issue 3, pages 46–53, May/June 2010. PDF:

“Dangers in the Air: Aerosol architecture and its invisible landscapes,” Alphabet City: Air, Number 15, MIT Press and Alphabet City Media. (An edited excerpt appears at Design Observer, October 21, 2010)

“Spaces for Architectural Discourse, and the Unceasing Labor of Blogging,” MAS Context: Information, Number 7, Fall 2010

“Vieques, Puerto Rico: From Devastation to Conservation and Back Again,” Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, Volume XVII, Number 1, Berkeley: The International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments. PDF:

“La matrícula que no paró de subir: una mirada al presupuesto de la Universidad de California,” Diálogo Digital, May 31, 2010

“Home Cooking,” (on the work of Santiago Cirugeda and his studio, Recetas Urbanas), SAM, Number 2, August 2007, Number 02, 2007, Basel: Swiss Architecture Museum, 48-51.


Book reviews: 

“What Is a City?: Rethinking the Urban After Hurricane Katrina,” Historical Geography, Volume 38, 2010, 145-183. PDF:

“The Known World: The State of Mapping,” Forum for Urban Design, 2007

Selected posts from the blog Archives: Interviewing Toshiko Mori | Architecture Imagined as Ecological | Rolex Watches | Slumdog Millionaire Series


Demilit is an experimental research and art collective founded in 2010 by Bryan Finoki, Nick Sowers, and Javier Arbona. We work with various collaborators on specific projects, performances, and improvisational exploring. We draw from architecture, sound art, creative writing, geography and other fields to produce work that encompasses events, texts, web memes, and more.

MIT History, Theory, and Criticism forum on blogs and architecture criticism, with Kazys Varnelis and Mark Jarzombek (moderator).

La Ciudad Usada was a workshop held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to research everyday social uses of the city, while also examining dominant discourses of sustainability and ecology about the transformation of urban realms. La Ciudad Usada was an intensive skills, methods and discussion seminar, open to the public, and hosted by non-profit arts organization BetaLocal, San Juan PR, August 2010 [link].